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Related article: Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2004 15:33:18 +1300 (NZDT) From: Dave Elliott Subject: After Match FunctionPlease note. The material in this document is intended for adult reading only If explicit homosexual sexual acts and coarse language offends, continue no further, you have been warned. e-mail Elliott: After match function I lay face down naked on the bed. A small pile of money had been placed on the bedside dresser, a used condom with ejected sperm inside lay on top of a discarded towel by the bed. I watched as the guy slowly dressed tucking his shirt inside his trousers, zipping up the fly and buckling his trousers. There was little conversation. All that had to be said was said. Finally he shrugged into his jacket."Hey thanks again week at this time OK with you" He asked as he stepped toward the bedroom door."Yeh that's fine with me" I repliedThe door closed and I heard the heavy clump, clump, clump as he made his way down stairs and the slamming of the front door.I picked up the little pile of notes next to me and slowly started to count them out.God who would have guessed that a game of soccer would have led me to what I was doing now*********************************************************************I raced to reach the Lolita Photos ball before the opposition's striker, kicking it as hard as I could to make sure it went well clear of our goal area.The match had another five minutes to go we were one nil up and were determined to finish with a win.The team we were up against was the best, the cream and top of the league. We on the other hand were struggling and near the bottom, second bottom to be exact. A lapsed moment by their defense had allowed us to make that one and only goal. From then on we had hung on, determined to try and make it a win. A draw would be O.K. but a win would really make us feel good about ourselves. Again they pressed the attack against us; again we held on and cleared the ball from our area.Four minutes became three, god! Was the final whistle ever going to blow? Three minutes was eventually two, and then one minute, then at long last what we had all been waiting for the final whistle. Our bodies and muscles ached with fatigue. We fell to the ground panting and gasping for breath, but with the satisfaction we had beaten the best.As usual the showers were full. With six or more pitches being in use at one time it was inevitable that Lolita Photos there would be a premium on the shower area. As we left the pitch another match was about to be played. There was a senior league and a junior league but all shared the one facility.With so many guys in one place it was noisy, shouting and singing it was hard to hear or have a conversation. It was reminiscent of a sauna with the steam rising from the hot water as it cascaded over wet sweaty bodies and disappeared down the plug hole. One thing you did not have to be and that was modest with so many naked males in one spot you were a goner if you were.The showers were not like some where they were assembled around cubicles or against the wall. With so many people wanting to shower a set of piping criss crossed the area and a valve or tap could operate an outlet anywhere. When in full swing in was like standing in a downpour of rain.I saw one that was not in use and promptly made for it turning on the valve and letting the warm water flow over my dirty aching body. More singing erupted on my left.I was suddenly aware of a body near or next to me. It wasn't unusual for another person to share some of the hot water that was coming from your shower, with the number of players all wanting to clean up, it was necessary if you wanted to dress and get out of the place.He was a senior player probably around mid to late twenties I guess."Hi how did you guys do?" He asked"Oh great we managed a win...against the top of the league" I announced proudly"Oh great I bet you feel good about it...congratulations" He saidI continued to soap myself and enjoy the warm cascading water.I felt his body as it made contact with mine. Very brief but definite, pressing against my buttocks. I turned to see who this guy was, daring to make contact like that in a very intimate way. There was no expression on his face he wasn't even looking at me. I must be mistaken, misread his intentions. I continued with my own showering and my thoughts.What if he had done it deliberately? I'd always harboured some lustful thoughts about other males and myself. Wanted to know what it was like to do it with a male. I'd had some experience, very little; with other young friends we had fondled and played with each other but not entered into the real thing. I had always wanted to, but could never persuade them to go any further than wanking.There it was again. This time it felt like his hand like a gently breeze brush over my bum. Again I spun to see what he was up to but again, he had no expression on his face, like nothing had happened. I looked sheepishly at the other players to see if there was anyone who had witnessed what had just happened but they were all intent on their own conversations and singing.There was no mistaking the third time. He was pressing himself hard against my hind end. I whirled around to confront him. He gave me a disarming smile and a wink. I tried to speak but there were no words coming from my mouth.He put his mouth next to my ear so that I could hear his conversation above the noise of the singing and shouting."If you'd like a little bit of fun after we're finished here you can come to my place...if you know what I mean"I watched the nod of his head and his eyes indicating downward. I followed the flow of the water and soapsuds down his body. The soap suds running over pubic hair and not yet full penis as the water cascaded off the end of it.My mouth dropped open at such a suggestion, but at the same time I felt a thrill of excitement at the thought of it. He gave me another nod and a wink.I looked to see if anyone else was watching us or had witnessed what was taking place but like the last time no one seemed interested.He again put his mouth close to my ear."If you are interested meet me at the North entrance when you're ready...we'll go to my place"He walked past me his hand giving my buttock a quick squeeze as he left.There was a look of shock on my face. I turned and watched his naked body weave its way between the other naked bodies as he headed for the change room. It was a delight to watch, there was no fat on him continual training had helped keep him fit and trim.Now I felt a little embarrassed and again searched the faces to see if any one had heard and seen what had just gone on. It would appear not.Oh god I'd just been hit upon...invited to his house. If I went; there could only be one outcome. My heart raced at the idea. I started to get a feeling in my loins, it disturbed me a little. The bright red sign reminded me to "Turn off the showers when not in use" as I left to dry and dress.My mind and thoughts were else where and I really did not hear the conversation that was going on in our corner of the change room.All I could think of was this guy and his invitation. What would happen if I decided not to go? I may never get the offer again and I would have missed out on an experience I would like to try out. What was the saying about Opportunity?...Yes I'd go I had decided." you think that's a good idea Brad" I heard the back end of Trevor's question."Sorry what did you say Trev""God you've been in a trance since you got back from the showers...did the winning get to you Lolita Photos that much" He said"Yeh I still can't get over us winning" I lied"What I said was we should all go to Selley's bar and celebrate""Oh er not for me...not a few things to do...catch up on" I stammered."Well please's you're loss"I retreated back into my thoughts and was starting to get excited by them. I do not know or remember if I said goodbye to the team as I left the change rooms and shower and took the coarse that would lead me to the North entrance.The stones crunched beneath my feet as I walked the footpath. I could hear Lolita Photos leather boot connect with leather ball. The shouting of the spectators every one of them an expert in the game, telling the players what they should be doing and how stupid they all were.As I neared the North entrance I could see the guy talking to some other men, probably friends or teammates. When he saw me coming there was brief conversation. Eyes focused and stared in my direction before there were good-byes and "See ya later"He took one more drag from his cigarette before stubbing it out with the toe of his shoe.The smile on his face said it all "Hey glad you decided to come...I wasn't too sure if you were keen or not" He said."The cars in Danforth St...parking is at a premium today.We walked and chatted as we made our way to Danforth St and the rather nice new Honda car that he owned.I slung my gear alongside his on the back seat and sat in the passengers seat, just at that moment the clouds parted and the sun broke though like some omen of things good that were about to happen. As we drove I watched the crowds. Some leaving the area whilst others were making their way toward the grounds to watch the next match to take place.We drove the busy streets stopping at intersections whilst the traffic made its way slowly past. Eventually we found the residential area where this guy lived.I'd sat nervously in the passenger's seat next to him, my mind continually thinking about what was going to happen when we arrived at his place."Hey it's going to be great fun" He said his hand coming to rest on my thigh. "Don't look so glum"" I'm not glum...just er...a little nervous" I replied."You're first time eh!" He asked."Yeh it is""Well we'll be good to you...after you get your first one over I'm sure you'll get to like'll be wanting'll see" He said with a disarming smile.His home was a terrace house, semi detached, dark red door. The front garden needed some TLC; he was obviously not a gardener.I heard the front door close behind me as I stood in the hall. A set of stairs led to the upper rooms, to my left was a lounge or formal room. He ushered me inside once again closing the door behind him.My heart was racing as I stood there. It suddenly seemed very quiet away from the traffic."Here let me put the gas fire on...keep the chill out eh" He saidThe gas burst into flame and I watched as the white porcelain glowed red from the heat."Now what would you like to drink...tea, coffee or something a little stronger" He asked"Oh er just a coffee perhaps...thank you" I repliedHe left me with some soccer books to look at whilst he went to prepare the drinks."Here we are help yourself to sugar and milk if you want it...and I've poured a little brandy for you" He said handing me the glass containing the amber fluid."Oh er I've never drank liquor before" I said"Do ya good help the nerves" He said as he took a sip from his own glass. The liquid felt hot on my lips and seemed to burn my throat as I took my first swig."That's the way...doing ya good" He said"By the way my name is Ivan...Ivan Goddard" Offering his hand."Oh er Brad...Brad Stephens" I replied taking he outstretched hand.His hand shake was firm and warm."I think we are going to be real good friends Brad...I know we are"I sat on the couch and he sat close putting and arm behind me as we drank the coffee and the brandy. My head whirled a little but it made me feel pretty good."Hey here's a pretty good book" He said offering it to me "Some good stories and pictures"I took it and started to flick the pages. At first it was pictures of some of the well known soccer players and profiles. Then I turned a page to view the next star, only it wasn't a star it was the picture of a very large erection emanating from black pubic hair and two large balls slung beneath. The next page was similar. A male had his mouth covering the large erection. Each page was similar to the previous one male in differing sexual positions.He was very near to me; he'd been watching my reaction as I turned the pages, staring at the pictures. It concerned me a little that I found them exciting. I was getting a hard on.His hand slipped between the open book and my lap. He felt the hardness."Oh my naughty boy" He said with a mile wide grin. His hand slowly beginning to massage the erection. "I think you're all ready for me...I know I am for you" His hand undoing the zip on his trousers and removing his now hard penis. In the flesh and standing so proud I could only gape at it. It was so beautiful. I'd never seen one like it before. Oh sure we'd played with each other as kids but this was a real cock. I suddenly felt ashamed at what I called a cock. I was only half his size at best.He was smiling as he watched the expression on my face. His hand slowly working up and down the shaft. Removing the book from my grasp he discarded it now that it had done its job and his fingers deftly undid my fly. My own erection sprung to attention and his hand was now rubbing up and down the shaft. Oh god it felt so good, so exciting. My own fingers curled around his hard shaft. It Lolita Photos felt warm and clammy as I massaged the erection, now both of us lying back enjoying the masturbation. "Oh Brad that is so good my friend" He cooed "I'm convinced you and I are going to be real good friends""Come on let's go up stairs and enjoy each other in bed" He saidI followed him up the stairs and into what must have been his bedroom. Again the room was untidy and missing the women's touch just like the lounge.The bed had been made but items of discarded clothing were scattered around the room, trousers over the back of a chair, socks and T-shirts littered the floor. A wardrobe was open and items of clothing had been hung or stored haphazardly. The curtains were already closed."Just get undressed and get into bed" He saidI followed his lead disrobed and discarded each item along side his. His body was that of an athlete, constant sport kept him in good trim. The added bonus was the hard erection that was stemming from the thick bushes. Just like a tree trunk.He threw back the blankets and dived onto the bed indicating for me to join him.His arm arced; the blankets covered our naked bodies. I felt the warmth of his body as he cuddled me. His arms hugging me close, his hands exploring."Mmmmm you feel good" He said pushing his hard erection into my stomach then rolling on top of me, supporting his weight at arms length taking charge of the situation. His stiff cock rubbed against my body. His eyes making contact with mine."Ohhhh I just love this" He said working himself up and down.I could feel my own erection against his warm flesh. I felt certain I was going to cum there and then. I tried to keep my thoughts away from what we were doingNot yet, not yet I kept telling myself.His arms now wrapped around my torso hugging me close his lips on my lips kissing, his tongue forcing its way between my lips, both tongues now dancing with each other.My first reaction is to resist him. I try pushing away but he continues to kiss me. Suddenly I find my resistance has gone and I'm embracing him with as much passion as he is showering on me. My heart pounds, my blood races through my veins.Our mouths brake off the contest. I'm panting, fighting for breath. My hand reaches between us I feel the warm hard shaft, my fingers curling round it, working it up and down."Ohhh fuck" I hear him sigh at my touch.Now he's on his back, his hard member pointing to the sky."Get you're mouth around it" He says."Mmmm" As Lolita Photos my warm mouth covers the hard flesh.Tongue licking, mouth sucking up and down the shaft. My hand fondling his balls. I'm lost in the action. I've never been so excited before. I hear his moans and whispers as he himself becomes more and more excited. I keep thinking and expecting to feel warm sperm fill my mouth...but nothing. I continue to enjoy the sucking, saliva dribbling from lips.Suddenly he withdraws his shaft and informs me it is time. I knew what he meant. I was about to lose my virginity. I was both excited and apprehensive. I'd never been fucked before and wondered what it was going to be like."Let's just make this easy" He said as he reached inside the bedside drawer and took out the K-Gel."On you're stomach sweetheart" He said I was face down on the pillow, pushing my bum upward ready for his imminent attention, my heart was racing.I felt the cold gel on his finger as it slid inside my anal."Oh...ah" I gave a little gasp his finger sliding back and forth preparing me for the main event. "Not long now my's soon going to be all more virginity for you eh?" He said with a large grin on his face.The significance dawned on me as I looked at his beautifully shaped hard throbbing penis. The monster was going to be inserted inside me.The gel on the shaft gave off a varnish like glow as his hand spread it the full length."Come on's time...let's have that good looking ass of yours in position"I pushed my ass up toward him. His hands clamping on to my hips."I don't think I..." That was as far as I got. Its warmth and hardness caressing my ass hole brought all thoughts of not proceeding to a stand still as I felt it pressing into me.He gently rocked and gyrated pushing and coaxing it in, inch by inch. I felt my ass slowly expand as the head of his hard cock pressed on inward. "Oh god...oh god...oh god" I was shouting as I felt it making its relentless progress ever inward. I was opening up little by little."It's all over lad...I'm fully more a virgin" He said "Now I'm going to fuck you"It was all over there was no rewinding the clock I'd done it I was now a classified "Practicing homosexual" I felt his arse rise and fall and the great shaft start to slide in and out. Oh god I was being fucked. "Jeese that feels so good my young friend...Ohhh...fuck!" He was exclaiming as his arse rose and fell on top of me each fall thrusting his cock full length.My ass had now become accustomed to its new size and his cock felt so good as it flashed in and out. My own heart pounded with excitement, a feeling of contentment flowing through my body. I'd had many a fantasy about this moment but never ever thought I'd be lying face down and some guy on top fucking the ass off me.His hips gyrated; his ass rose and fell, thrusting time and time again.There was moans and groans from both of us as we fed on the pleasure we were each receiving from the action. It could not last for ever. His mouth had bitten into the back of my neck for the tenth time leaving another very large mark.His hands held my hips in a vice like grip as his own hips swayed back and forth thrusting his cock into me time and time again."Ohhh yes, yes you fucking slut" He kept saying to me. The bed rocking with the motion of his thrusts. More deep thrusts more shouting "Yes, take that you just love it don't ya" He remarked. Thrusting and shouting."Oh god I'm coming...I'm comiiiiiing" He yelled and with three final thrusts, lay still, his cock throbbed and pulsated at the same time his sperm spewed from the end of the hard shaft relieving him of all his frustrations...for now.He continued to lie on top of me, reluctant to disconnect himself, slowly Lolita Photos winding himself down. Finally he lay back propped against the pillow and reaching for his cigarettes, then blowing a lung full of smoke in the air."Oh fuck that was great make a good ya know that? He asked. His free hand reaching beneath the bedclothes and massaging my buttocks. "Yes a great fuck" He declared once again."Glad you came...and lost your virginity" He askedI gave an affirmative nod and sighed "Mmmmm" As his hand continued to squeeze and massage my buttocks. I realized that I liked what he did very much. It made me want more. I also realized my ass was full of his cum. My very first injection.As he stubbed the cigarette butt in the ash tray there came a knocking at the front door followed by the door bell."Oh shit who the hell is that?" He declared. I watched as his jeans covered his exquisite bare end, then turning slightly toward me I saw his tuck his now limp cock inside the jeans and do up the zip. He pulled a T shirt over his head and shoulders before vanishing down the stairs to answer the door.I heard voices, sounded like a crowd. I strained my ears to hear the conversation. Then they must have vanished into the lounge. Music from a C.D started, drowning out the conversation.I turned and lay there thinking to myself, going over the action Lolita Photos that had taken place only a short time before. The more I thought the more I felt good about it. I smiled to myself like the cat that had just got the cream. I started to get a hard again just thinking about it.I wondered what I should do. Music and muffled voices permeated the air waves.Perhaps I should just get ready and quietly slip out the front door.It was then that the lounge door opened and the noise from within intensified briefly before being closed again. The stairs creaked as someone made their way up.At last I thought here comes my lover Ivan. There was a slight tap on the door and it slowly opened. The face that appeared around it was not that of Ivan.Hi there...Brad isn't it" He said closing the door behind him."Er...yes...that's right" I stammered "Who are you" I asked"Terry...Terry Reyburn" He replied as he started to unbuckle his belt, unzip his fly and commences to undress."What...what are you doing" I asked with apprehension in my voice."What do ya mean what am I going to do...I'm going to fuck you that's what" He replied.By now he was out of his shoes, socks, trousers and underwear and I could see he was already to go. His cock was rock hard and pointing sky ward. The rest of his clothing joined the pile that was already on the floor next to the bed.Flinging back the sheets he dived onto the bed next to me. His hands felt cold as he started to search and caress my body."Ivan says you're a great fuck...just had to find out mate" My reply was cut short as his mouth covered mine in a passionate kiss. "Mmmmm". My own cock was hard as he pressed against me."Oh you are a little hot arse aren't ya" He exclaimed his hands running deftly over my body. "You've got them all wanting you down stairs so you have""What do you mean" I asked"Ivan's been telling us all about you and how good you are to fuck" He replied"Who's all...I mean how many""Oh only about ten of us" He replied Lolita Photos "Let's not talk about them about you put this in you're mouth"I slid beneath the covers, my hand sliding up and down his hard shaft, my mouth covering the bulbous end and on down almost gagging on it. It was a complete replay of what had gone on with Ivan. His hands now hot firmly gripping my hips as he thumped hard against my rear end, his balls slapping against my bum as he thrust into me time and time again. Just like Ivan he enjoyed being abusive, with every thrust he called me a slut or a whore until he could hold back no more and his sperm like Ivan's flowed inside of me. This was not the end only the start as each and every one of them climbed the stairs with excited anticipation as I lay face down and allowed each one of them vent their sexual frustrations on my hind end or mouth. Three had only got as far as my mouth and for the first time in my life I knew what it was like to taste cum.I'd been their play thing all during the day and into the evening. I lost count on how many times and who did what. I thought it was going to be an all night session and I worried that I had not been home. My folks would be concerned that I had not called in at all. However my fears were alleviated when I heard them starting to break up and the music stopped. They shouted their good wishes and farewells up the stairs and then silence once again descended upon the house.This time the footsteps coming had to be Ivan's. Stepping through the door smiling as he strode toward the bed."Hey you must have had a ball young man...all those lovely guys and their lovely cocks" He said as he once again undressed before climbing into bed beside me."One more for the road eh?" His hands once again roaming, groping and pressing his now warm hard cock against me."Oh god I couldn't wait for them to go...I just had to get up here and give ya another fuck" Coaxing me onto my stomach."Oh god you feel warm and ready for it you sexy get me all riled up so you do" He whispered in my ear as his body slithered on top of mine. I gave no resistance as his cock searched for my entrance. Insertion was swift and easy and in no time his arse was rising and falling. His hard cock sliding back and forth like a well-oiled precision built piston."Uh, uh, uh" Was the soft moan I heard in my ear as he quietly humped away on top of me. The sound of the creaking bed my own gasps and sighs in unison with his "Oh, oh, oh" Right then life and sex were just so wonderfulHis ejaculation came with a soft sigh "Mmmmm...that was so good" He purred in my ear. I could smell the aroma of alcohol and tobacco on his breath from the days drinking binge. His hard erection delivering the last of the sperm I was going to receive todayMy neck must look terrible from all the bite marks I had accumulated from my partners. I was only now starting to realize how much sexual activity had gone on during the day. Hunger was starting to kick in.I snuggled my face in the pillow as Ivan lay back against the headboard and extracted a Marlborough from the pack by the bed. Once lit, blowing a lung full of smoke toward the ceiling."Hey I got something for you my lad" He said reaching for his discarded jeans and tugging a fist full of money from the pocket, before throwing the jeans back on the floor.I watched as he counted out the various bills. Then withholding a few placed the rest on the bedside table saying "The guys had a whip round for you...that's you're share...not bad eh"I stared at the pile of money then replied "Shit...that's prostitution""So...its still good money...who the hell cares how you came by it""The law might it they were to find out" I replied."The law ain't gonna find out one is going to split on us" He replied "It's fun and its easy long would it take you to earn that sort of money at what you" He asked.I looked at the pile of dollars sitting there. It did seem quite a large amount and he was right it would take quite a few hours of hard work to accomplish anything like that.His hand was now running and rubbing my butt. Oh god I loved it when he did that. "Look Brad...don't worry about it this is easy cash...we can make a bundle at it...just think of all those things you wanted and not been in a position to in next to no time you'll have!"My mind was racing his massaging hand made me feel real good about things"Let's just take it nice and easy to start the same after next weeks match come back here with the lads and take home another bundle like that eh?""We don't play at home every week" I said"That's OK we'll organize a little something when you play away as well...this could work out just swell for both of us".I worried about it at first but soon found my guilt started to fade as each week progressed. The money also helped.It was easy for Ivan to set up the business. His work saw him travelling quite a bit, which gave him more contacts, which in turn gave me more clients.I eventually moved into his house with him, it made more sense and it was much more convenient.The key in the latch told me Ivan was back again after another week away.I heard him call out. "Hi Brad...I've got someone I want you to meet"
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